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This topic serves as a guide to the phrases used on Madfruit by some of its users. If you've ever wondered just what the heck someone's saying while reading the topics here, all will now become clear (maybe).
I have started off with a few, but will need the help of other posters to refine existing definitions and add new ones, so start posting them! Thank you.
Adull = Adele, used in a derogatory way.
Ain't nobody got time for that = When someone hasn't got the time or patience to deal with a particular topic or person.
Albam = Album. First coined by Karen and brought here by Magical Froggy.
Alkylieda = Devoted fans (or stans) of Kylie Minogue.
All tea, all shade = An insult that is deliberately meant to be just that. The opposite of "no tea, no shade".
"I'm a giant boob-face" = A phrase used to identify a duplicate thread or post. Often accompanied by the smiley to denote the Forum Police. This phrase was popularised and is used most often by parkus
Archaeologists = Another name for Madonna stans. Came about because archaeologists are interested in very old things.
Attackt = Attack. This was a typo/spelling error made by Tony on Togerland.com that gradually became a common phrase, e.g. "no personal attackts".
Aye x = Yes
Baps, The = Dannii Minogue
Basic bitch = Someone who thinks they're better than they are. This phrase is used to put them back in their place.
Behosay, Beysus = Beyonce Knowles.
Beige = See "Chintz(!)"
Best x = Short for "all the best x". In practice, this is often used as a slightly passive aggressive way of dismissing a post without replying to it properly.
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Full 13 tracks
Up to date list of demos that have/haven't leaked and rumoured song titles:
Official tracklisting of the 19 track iTunes release:
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In UK cinemas on October 25th  

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